The history of transportation is a fascinating journey through time and innovation, from the first gasoline-powered vehicles to today's cutting-edge technologies. From the steam engine to the electric car, transportation shapes our world.


At VMT, we aim to highlight our nation's transportation history by providing a unique, educational, and fascinating museum experience that appeals to every member of the family.

Through exciting interactive exhibits and artifacts, we take our patrons back in time and bring history to life. Our museum offers both historical and cultural context that allows us to enlighten and educate visitors in-depth about the various concepts that have been pivotal in shaping transportation over time within the Commonwealth and beyond.

The Virginia Museum of Transportation is driven by its mission:





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Museum History

The Virginia Transportation Museum is a unique destination that celebrates the rich history of transportation in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Our museum, located in Roanoke, Virginia, offers visitors a chance to explore the many ways transportation has shaped and been shaped by our state's history and economy.

Founded in 1963 as the Roanoke Transportation Museum, we have grown over the years to become one of the most comprehensive transportation museums in the region. Our collection includes everything from historic trains and streetcars to buses and automobiles, giving visitors a chance to see transportation technology change through the years.

Transportation has been vital to Virginia since its earliest days, and our museum reflects that by showcasing the diverse array of transportation modes that have played a role in the state's development. From the state's early days as a major producer of tobacco and other agricultural products, to its role as a key player in the American Industrial Revolution, transportation has always been critical for the movement of goods and people. Our exhibit galleries are dedicated to road, air, & rail history.

We invite you to visit us and step back in time to experience the important role transportation has played in shaping our state and nation.

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