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Your donations support our mission of education and the preservation of Virginia’s transportation heritage! Memberships and contributions are tax deductible to the full extent as allowable by law. We receive no federal or state funding, and only 3% of our income comes from local governments. With limited public support, we rely on our donors, members, friends, visitors and volunteers to make a difference.

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Like the smell of baking cookies, a walk through the Virginia Museum of Transportation evokes powerful memories for so many of our visitors. They stop to tell us stories of long-gone family members who drove a train or truck like one of ours, or who welcomed a loved one home on a trip from college, work, or war. We are so blessed to hear these stories every day.

We want you to know we’ve been working hard to improve this Museum every day, as good stewards of your support and faith in us. Last year, we restored the Norfolk & Western Class J 611 to operating condition–what our fans wanted to see happen most of all. We’ve introduced new exhibits—big and small—to keep our visitors’ experience fresh. We’ve collaborated with other museums and organizations to make our events extra special, and we’ve carefully maintained the Museum’s financial stability. Our operations are lean and we rely on many wonderful volunteers, enabling us to be open seven days a week, adding new exhibits, restoring the collection, welcoming school groups, and planning for our future.

We see our hard work paying off, for the Museum and for the community. We’re excited that our attendance is up 300% since 2006. The number of children coming on field trips have tripled, traveling from across western Virginia, from Harrisonburg and Charlottesville to Patrick County and Montgomery County. We’ve improved our field trip curriculum so that we’re teaching grade-specific, SOL-based lessons in all core subject areas: history, language arts, and the important STEM disciplines of science, technology, engineering and math..

By attracting the majority of our visitors from out of town—a third from outside Virginia or out of the country—we bring substantial tourist spending to the Roanoke Valley. We estimate these visitors spend $3.1 million at area hotels, restaurants, and shops each year, providing an economic boon the region needs.

The Museum is a great place for families to come together, to learn more about the community’s history and their own.

If you have questions, contact Mendy Flynn at (540) 342-5670 ext 106 or email

Thank you for your support which makes every day a great day at the Virginia Museum of Transportation!
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