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Celebrate Transportation in Virginia Day Gallery:


As we are missing our friends at the Virginia Museum of Transportation,
we created a little puzzle
to help you pass the time. Click on this link below. Hint: Make sure you refer to the picture above. Take care and Stay Safe! http://www.epuzzle.info/u/2f6365

Click the following link for a downloadable pdf: http://www.vmt.org/wings-over-virginia-aviation-gallery-word-search/
“Celebrate Transportation Day” in Virginia is the Thursday before Memorial Day each year. This is a day to recognize all the ways transportation helps Virginians everyday. It is also a great time to remember how far Virginians have come from traveling with canoes and horses to now having cars, trucks, airplanes and even spacecraft at NASA Wallops Flight Facility.
Write a paragraph or two about how you use transportation and your favorite way to travel?
Click below for our Celebrate Transportation booklet and to download the activities!


Today featuring the iconic 1218 ❤️

1. What year was the 1218 built?

2. What is the 1218’s top speed?

3. What class is the 1218?

Display Tours:

Click here for a tour of the Pennsylvania Railroad GE GG1 Electric # 4419

Click here for a tour of the 1955 Studebaker President Speedster: https://www.facebook.com/VMTRoanoke/videos/291467195336649/
Click below for a tour of the 1923 REO Phaeton Touring Car!
Click below for a tour of the 1952 Squad Wagon! https://www.facebook.com/VMTRoanoke/videos/231694118070527/
Click here to see the tour of the 1932 Dodge Brothers School Bus: https://www.facebook.com/VMTRoanoke/videos/230663101541374/
Click here for a tour of the Railway Post Office Car: https://www.facebook.com/8505154810/videos/720120195421808/

Click here for a tour of the O Gauge Track: https://www.facebook.com/VMTRoanoke/videos/690237794882314/
Click here for a tour of the 1966 AMC Ambassador! https://www.facebook.com/watch/live/?v=3065343423526990

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