REO Phaeton Touring Car


Ransom E. Olds, is the founder of both the Oldsmobile and REO brands. He is credited with being the father of the modern stationary assembly line used to build the first mass-produced automobile, the Curved Dash Oldsmobile.

The REO Motor Car Company brand was founded in 1905 after Olds was removed from his original company, and they were in operation until 1975. In 1923, REO manufactured 15,228 cars, and 13,099 were registered that same year. REO is better known for their trucks than their cars.

In January 1923, H.T. Rosborough, an employee of the Norfolk & Western Railway Shops, bought this vehicle for $900 from the R.G. Edgerton Auto Dealership in Roanoke and financed it through the Roanoke Industrial Loan Company, making monthly payments for two years. He owned this vehicle until his death in 1968. After being sold at auction to a man who did not title it, it was sold to F. “Clemmie” Brown, who owned it until his death in 1998. It was abandoned in a barn as part of Brown’s estate until the donor bought it in 2005.

  • Transmission: Sliding 3-speed
  • Horsepower: 50
  • Drive: Rear wheel
  • Clutch: Multiple      Dry Disc
  • Wheelbase: 120 inches
  • Passengers: 5
  • Owners: 4 including the VMT

Donated by Jim Fulghum