Ford/Team VictorTango “Odin”

  • Computers control Odin’s throttle, brake, steering, and shifting while relying on input from multiple cameras and laser sensors, along with a GPS system.
  • For a self-driving car, Odin has plenty of cup holders.


In November 2007, Virginia Tech’s team placed third with its self-driving car called Odin — behind Carnegie Mellon and Stanford, ahead of MIT — in the Urban Challenge race of autonomous vehicles sponsored by the Defense Advance Projects Research Agency (DARPA), the lead research division of the U.S. Department of Defense. Odin won a $500,000 prize. The 60-mile challenge  course across urban terrain bustled with human and  robot drivers.

The university team, called VictorTango, consisted of students and faculty advisors from the mechanical engineering and geography departments. About 50 undergraduates and 10 graduate students were involved during the two-year project. The team’s many sponsors are recognized, as are the 32 Virginia Tech students slain in a mass shooting just months before.

On loan from Virginia Tech