Ford Sedan

Model Specifications

  • Engine: 239 Flathead V-8
  • Horsepower: 100
  • Wheelbase: 114 inches
  • Length: 194.3 inches
  • Front engine, rear wheel drive
  • Factory price: $1,165


During World War II, civilian automobiles were not produced due to steel shortages. Production resumed in July 1945, with the 1946 model year being the first new vehicles offered to the general public. The 1946 Ford was identical to the 1942 model under the body, but a heavy new grille with horizontal bars and red accents gave these new cars a more modern appearance. The hood was also widened by adding a center strip of metal.

Since steel was still in short supply, Ford also produced a “Sportsman” convertible with wood side panels in 1946. The convertible had a convenient electric top instead of manual one.

If this car seems a little familiar, in the 1985 film Back to the Future, young Biff Tannen’s car in 1955 was a 1946 Super De Luxe convertible version of this car.

Donated by Georgia Snyder-Falkinham