Model specifications

  • Model 6-14
  • Built in Muncie, Indiana at the Sheridan plant
  • 6 cylinder engine
  • 58 horsepower
  • 112” wheelbase
  • Factory price: $845 (about $36,000 in 2015)


Former General Motors CEO and co-founder William Durant formed Durant Motors, Inc. in 1921 in New York. At the time, a Durant was a mid-price automobile, comparable in price to a Chevrolet but more expensive than a Ford Model T. Durant Motors also made the Star, Flint, Eagle, and Locomobile as well as Mason Truck, and they had a relationship with the Dort, Frontenac, and DeVaux automobile companies.

The Wall Street crash of 1929 and the Great Depression ultimately led to the demise of Durant Motors. Durant filed for bankruptcy in 1932 and the last car was made in late 1933.

This car is original except for the fuel pump and the addition of hydraulic brakes.

Donated by Chip Lawrence

Not currently on display