The Studebaker brothers first made their fortune building wagons. Studebaker entered into the field of producing bodies for electric cars for another automobile company.

Studebaker soon started to build gasoline-powered automobiles. They entered into agreement with E-M-F Company of Detroit, Michigan. E-M-F built the automobiles, while Studebaker distributed them through their wagon builders. In 1910, Studebaker took control of E-M-F. In 1912, Studebaker shut down its electric vehicle operation.

Studebaker built cars and trucks for both world wars. They were the first company to offer a completely restyled car after World War II in 1947. Their motto was “First by far with the post-war car!” After merging with Packard, Studebaker closed its doors in the early 1960s.

On loan from Hazel Conner Horne