Beverly T. Fitzpatrick, Jr., Executive Director

We are having a great time at the Virginia Museum of Transportation. We really appreciate you dropping by our website to learn about Virginia's Official Transportation Museum and all that we have going on in this our fiftieth anniversary year! We celebrate all modes of transportation in our great state and how each mode shapes people's lives.

The Museum is located in Roanoke, Virginia, one of America's great rail centers and home of the original headquarters of the Norfolk & Western Railway for 100 years. The legendary Roanoke Shops of the N&W designed and built the most modern and powerful steam engines in the world. The N&W's employees combined hard work and incredible talents to hone these great locomotives known worldwide for their muscle. The last two left of the J and the A series, 611 and 1218, are here at the Museum. To see them together will take your breath away!

We are always changing at the Virginia Museum of Transportation and hope you will come visit us soon. Just last fall, we opened our new Wings Over Virginia aviation gallery. New trucks and cars arrive for display frequently, and we now have a section with incredible sailing ship models. Look for fresh paint on lots of our rolling stock as our Rail Yard begins to shine!

Please come share your transportation stories, and experience the fun of learning about all kinds of transportation that connect Virginia and the nation to the world!