HMS Ajax model


HMS (His Majesty’s Ship) Ajax was a 74-gun third-rate ship of the line of the British Royal Navy. It supported a crew of 250 sailors.

Ajax participated in the Egyptian operation of 1801 and the Battle of Cape Finisterre in 1805. Ajax was one of Admiral Horatio Nelson’s fleet that defeated the combined French and Spanish fleets at the Battle of Trafalgar. It was lost to a disastrous fire in February of 1807 during the Dardanelles Operation.


TYPE: Ship of the Line

LAUNCHED: March 3, 1798

LENGTH: 182 feet, 5 inches (gun deck), 149 feet, 10.625 inches (keel)

ARMAMENT: 74 guns

CREW: 250

BUILT: John Randall and Co., Rotherhithe (London), England

Modeled and loaned by Bob Bagnoli