Oren Custom Squad Wagon


Squad 1 was delivered to the City of Roanoke in November 1952. The Corbitt Company of Henderson, North Carolina, built the chassis with a 427 cid Continental 6 cylinder engine, and Oren built the body. It has been repowered with a 1975 REO Gold Comet 6-200 engine. This engine is the only one of its design and has seating for five passengers. The body is all original.

Squad 1 was initially a Civil Defense Command vehicle at Roanoke’s Historic Fire Station Number 1, and was later transferred to the Roanoke Fire Department, where it served as a command and communications truck, a heavy rescue and light unit, and to haul maintenance equipment under the name of “Service 5.”

The Oren was retired in 1995, auctioned, and placed in outside storage. The donor bought this unit in 2001 and restored it with the addition of power steering. It has been featured in parades, truck shows, and apparatus musters.

Donated by A. Karl Ehlshlager