c. 1921-1923

Earl Model 40

Model Specifications

  • 112″ Wheelbase
  • 37.5 Horsepower
  • Earl 3-speed transmission and rear differential ratio
  • Production: 2000 between 1921-1923
  • Original cost: $1,184 in 1922
  • Built by Clarence A. Earl in Jackson, Michigan
  • Featured in the 2015 film Wish You Well


Earl Motors was founded in 1921 in Jackson, Michigan, by Clarence A. Earl, former president of the Briscoe Motor Company. The Earl Touring Car was first produced in 1921 and cost $1,285. It is a slightly modified version of the Briscoe automobile.

Personal and financial difficulties plagued Earl Motors from the beginning, and Earl left the company in 1922. He was replaced by George C. Scobie, formerly of Price-Waterhouse and Hayes     Wheel Company. Scobie reorganized the company into the Earl Motor Manufacturing Company. The company’s low-volume production philosophy became their undoing and the company folded in 1923.

This Earl was purchased from Walton Motor Company in Roanoke, Virginia. Due to the small production number and short lifespan of the company, Earls are very rare.

On loan from Ken Hogan