Ford Mustang GLX Convertible


The 1983-1986 Mustang models were built on a “Fox-platform,” essentially the style used for all of Ford’s small to mid-size automobiles between 1978-1993. In 1983 the body was slightly modified to incorporate a rounded nose and reshaped grill.

Although auto manufacturers stopped producing convertibles after 1976, enthusiasts clamored for their return. Several years passed, and Ford gave consumers exactly what they wanted with the introduction of the 1983 Mustang convertible.

Amenities included remote control side view mirrors, heating and air conditioning, and an AM/FM radio.

Model Specifications

  • Number of cylinders: 6
  • Horsepower: 113
  • Torque: 175 foot lbs.
  • Transmission: 3 speed Select Shift automatic
  • 3 speed transmission
  • Remote control side mirrors, air conditioning, AM/FM radio.

Not currently on display

Ford Mustang GLX Convertible 1983