Fiat 124 Sport Spider Convertible “Artmobile”


The Fiat 124 Sport Spider is a two passenger convertible that was manufactured by Fiat from 1966-1980.

Local artist Eric Fitzpatrick purchased this car from a friend in 1992. Due to extensive rust damage to the body of the car, a welder was hired to rebuild the wheel wells as well as to fix any other loose pieces.

The unusual paint job was inspired by the work of artist Willem de Kooning and took Fitzpatrick a week to paint. The effect was meant to make the piece look spontaneous.

The car was used in the 2012 Hallmark Channel movie Lake Effects starring Jane Seymour. The car was driven by Seymour’s onscreen daughter, played by Madeline Zima.

Fitzpatrick considers this car a “Celebration on Wheels” and is the largest painting of his career to date. Over the years, it has received lots of attention both on the road and in parking lots.

Model Specifications

  • Engine: 131 A1 040
  • Transmission: 5-speed manual
  • Wheelbase: 89.75 in.
  • Length: 156.25 in.
  • Width: 63.5 in.
  • Height: 49.25 in.
  • Layout: Front engine, rear wheel drive
  • Manufactured: Turin, Italy

Donated and painted by Eric E. Fitzpatrick