Desoto SC

Model Specifications

  • Rear-hinged doors, frequently referred to as “suicide” doors.
  • 8,924 produced
  • Weight: 2,993 pounds
  • Cost: $775


The Desoto name comes from Hernando de Soto, the 16th Century Spanish explorer. The Desoto, along with the other Chrysler vehicles, Dodge and Plymouth, were meant to be lower-priced cars. During the 1932 model year, Desoto was the ninth ranked US automaker. This model was promoted as “America’s Smartest Low-Priced Car.”

This Desoto features a rounded grille, one-piece fenders, a Delco-Remy ignition, hydraulic brakes, safety all-steel body, and a rear spare wheel among other new features. For an extra cost, the grille could be painted or chrome plated.

Donated by the Science Museum of Virginia