Chrysler Desoto Fireflite Sportsman


  • Manufacturer: Chrysler Motors
  • In the decade following the end of World War II, Chrysler consistently produced technically impressive cars with rather unimpressive exteriors. In the mid-1950s, however, the automaker began to introduce a number of models with “Forward Look” styling.
  • Chrysler’s DeSoto division embodied the transition from stodgy to bold. The Fireflite’s lengthy fins and triple-stacked tail lamps clearly announced that a new era of automotive design had begun.
  • Base price: $3,500
  • 126,000 were sold
  • Well known for its “fins”

Model Specifications

  • Number of cylinders: 8
  • Horsepower: 295
  • Torque: 390 foot lbs.
  • Transmission: push button 3 speed TorqueFlite
  • Hemi head V-8 with 295 horsepower
  • Push button transmission selector

On loan from the Sowder Family Revocable Trust

Not currently on display

Desoto Fireflight Sportsman 1957