Kline Kar

Model Specifications

  • Series 6-38
  • 120″ Wheelbase
  • 25 Horsepower
  • Continental “Red Seal” six cylinder/ 3-speed selective transmission
  • Weight: 2,000 lbs.(approximate).
  • Production: 800 (approximate 1918 all body types)
  • Original cost: $1,495 (a Model T cost $600).
  • Built by the Kline Motor Car Corporation, Richmond, Virginia


The only automobiles produced by Virginia-owned companies were the “Virginian” and the “Kline Kar,” both made in Richmond, the “Dawson” made in Basic City (Waynesboro), and the “Piedmont,” made in Lynchburg. There are only two known surviving vehicles produced by the Kline Motor Car Corporation: a 1912 race car and this 1918 Touring Car. This seven-passenger car is approximately 75% restored.

Kline Motor Car Corporation was located in York, Pennsylvania, from 1910-12 before relocating to Richmond in 1912. Like many small motor companies, it ceased operations in 1923 because it failed to adopt the assembly line method introduced in Detroit. This 1918 Kline Kar was purchased new by Alfred D. Price, Sr., proprietor of the A. D. Price Funeral Establishment in Richmond’s Jackson Ward,  one of the oldest African American funeral businesses in the United States.

On loan from the Virginia Historical Society, Richmond, VA