Norfolk & Western M-1 Post Office Car #93

Post Office Car Description


  • Manufacturer: Bethlehem Steel Car Company
  • Cost: $24,597 each
  • Used to sort mail en route. Railway lines would operate such cars under contracts with the US Post Office.
  • Typically traveled with passenger trains
  • Mail was sorted, cancelled and then delivered to towns and cities along the way. Outbound mail would be picked up as the inbound was delivered.
  • The service was phased out in the 1960s as passenger service declined and the US Post Office moved to regional sorting centers and air mail.

# 93

  • Manufactured in 1937
  • One of nine purchased by the N&W in 1937
  • Sold to the Florida East Coast Railways in 1960-1961 but reacquired by N&W in 1966
  • Donated to the Museum by the Norfolk & Western Railway Co.

Class Specifications

  • Length: 64 ft 5 in