TTX Trailer Train F39B Flatcar with Sea-Land Containers #470534

Trailer Train Flatcar Description

  • Manufacturer: BSC
  • Production era: 1955
  • 200 produced for the TTX Company
  • This car was the forerunner of today’s piggyback and container cars.
  • The trailer/container flatcar was developed to help the railroads regain business lost to highway transport. A train could haul trailers for long distances at a much lower cost than a tractor-trailer.

# 470534

  • Owned by the TTX Company
  • The exhibit flatcar holds two 35 foot trailers with Sea Land containers. The “container” concept was invented by Malcolm McLean of Winston-Salem, NC. Mr. McLean founded Sea Land, a global container transportation, and his concept is now used worldwide to efficiently move freight.
  • Donated to the Museum by the Norfolk & Western Railway Co.

Class Specifications

  • Length: 75 ft
  • Load Limit: 121,000 lbs.
Trailer train flatcar