RF&P Boxcar #2305

Boxcar Description

  • Manufacturer: Pullman Standard
  • 100 produced for the Richmond Fredericksburg & Potomac in 1963. The RF&P ran exclusively in Virginia and was partially owned by the Commonwealth of Virginia Retirement System.
  • Equipped with the Pullman Standard Hydro frame-cushioning device, this spring loaded coupler softened the impact when cars were switched. The device added approximately 10 ft to the length of the car.

# 2305

  • Built in 1963
  • Served the RF&P for 24 years
  • Retired May 1987
  • Donated to the Museum by the Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac Railroad in February, 1988

Class Specifications

  • Manufacturer:  Pullman Standard, 1963

    Weight:  71,400 pounds (lbs.)

    Capacity:  148,600 lbs.

RF&P Boxcar