Amoco Oil ARA III Tank Car AMOX #9465

Oil Tank Car ARA III # 9465


  • Manufactured:  1919
  • Capacity:  10,027 gallons
  • Loading:  Top manway
  • Unloading: Bottom outlet

American Railroad Association (ARA) Class III tank car AMOX #9465 was used by the American Oil Company (later known as AMOCO) for 60 years to haul petroleum products from refineries to locations across the American railroad system. This car is riveted together. Tank cars build in the 1940s and later are welded instead of riveted.

Cars of this type have been used by railroads since the 1880s for hauling petroleum products, chemicals, ink, vinegar, molasses, orange juice, and other liquids as well as liquefied gasses, compressed gasses, and solids that have been liquefied.

Steam flows through pipes in this car in order to heat the liquid inside and make unloading this car easier.

Tank cars comprise only 0.5% of rail freight fleet today. The majority are owned by leasing companies or individual shippers. Strict regulations dictate the placement of tank cars within freight trains. The location is determined by the contents of each car.

All ARA tank cars were removed from service by January 1, 1975 due to stricter safety regulations.

Donated by American Oil Company


Oil Tank Freight car