Mead Paper Company Industrial #200

This little industrial switching locomotive was built by Plymouth Locomotive works in 1935. Companies used this type of engine to move freight cars on their property. This switcher operates on a narrow gauge rail that is only 3 feet wide. Modern standard rail gauge in the United States is 4 feet 8.5 inches wide.


This switcher is powered by a Caterpillar diesel engine that is coupled to a gearbox. A chain drive connects the gearbox to sprockets on the axles.


The 200 was owned by the Mead Paper Company in Lynchburg, Virginia, until it was retired in 1981.


Since it had undergone some changes in its forty-six years at the Mead Corporation, Carter Machinery of Salem, Virginia, later restored it to its original condition.


The simple controls in the cab were operated by an engineer while standing.


Donated to the Museum by the Mead Corporation

Diesle Locomotive Mead Paper switcher