General Electric (GE) CJ610 engine


The General Electric CJ 610 is a non-afterburning turbojet engine that was derived from the afterburner-equipped military engine, the GE J85. The success of GE’s J85 fighter engine led to the development  of the CJ 610 for commercial use. The introduction of the CJ 610 engine brought jet power to business aircraft. Today, there are over 560 CJ 610-powered aircraft in operation around the world, with an experience base of over 16.5 million service hours.

Engine Specifications

  • Type: Turbojet
  • Length: 45.4 to 51.1 inches, depending on equipment
  • Diameter: 17.7 inches
  • Weight: 396-421 pounds dry, depending  on equipment
  • Components compressor: 8-stage axial flow
  • Turbine: 2-stage
  • Performance maximum thrust: 2,850-3,100 pounds of thrust at sea level

Engine donated by William Cranwell