c. 1980

Garrett TFE109 (F109) Turbofan engine


The Garrett F109 (civilian designation TFE109) was a small turbofan engine developed in the 1980s by Garrett AIResearch for the Fairchild T-46 jet. It was designed as a new primary training engine for the United States Air Force. It used less fuel and was more reliable than previous models, and it was easier to operate. The cancellation of the T-46 program in 1986, however, ended further development of both the military and civilian versions of the engine.


  • Type: Turbofan
  • Thrust: 1,330 pounds
  • Weight: 400 pounds dry
  • Configuration: Single-stage fan driven by a two-stage axial low-pressure (LP) turbine, and a high-pressure compressor driven by a two-stage axial turbine through a shaft that is concentric with the LP rotor.

Engine on loan from Virginia Tech