Continental O-200 Engine


Continental Motors has produced aircraft engines since the 1930s. The company originally built the A40 engine, a 38-horsepower, horizontally-opposed, 4-cylinder, air-cooled engine used in the Piper Cub. The original engine evolved into various models over time, including the A65, A75, C75, C85, and C90, and finally evolved into the O-200 engine that was used in the popular Cessna 150. Over the years, thousands of small Continental engines have been produced. Continental was producing more than 10,000 engines per year in the late 1970s. The O-200 engine is still available from Continental.

Engine Specifications

  • Type: Four-cylinder air-cooled horizontally-opposed piston engine
  • Length: 28.53 inches
  • Width: 31.56 inches
  • Weight: 199 pounds dry
  • Fuel type: 80/97 avgas minimum
  • Lubrication: 6 quarts wet sump
  • Compression: 8.5:1
  • Rated engine revolutions per minute (RPM): 2,750

Engine donated by Continental Motors, Inc.