Steam Locomotive - Norfolk and Western Class J #611

Anticipated completion in Spring 2015
611 has moved to the North Carolina Transportation Museum in Spencer, NC for a complete restoration, thanks to support from Norfolk Southern and many donors worldwide. Her fans are invited to visit the NCTM and watch the progress! Once completed, 611 will return to its home here at the Virginia Museum of Transportation and begin pulling excursions in Spring 2015. Dates, destinations, and ticket prices will be announced in early 2015. For more information, visit Visit Fire Up 611 for more information...

Class J Steam Locomotive  611









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  • Manufacturer: Norfolk & Western Roanoke Shops
  • Production era: 1941-1950
  • 14 were produced
  • Passenger engine
  • Could pull 15 cars at 110 mph
  • The J class was used daily to pull such passenger trains as the Powhatan Arrow, the Pocohantas, and the Cavalier between Cincinnati, OH and Norfolk, VA. Between Monroe, NC and Bristol, TN, the J's also pulled the Tenesseean, the Pelican and the Birmingham Special between Monroe, VA and Bristol TN/VA.
  • The class averaged 15,000 miles per month and some of the locomotives traveled nearly 3 million miles before retirement.
  • After passenger service was dieselized in 1958, some were used in freight service

# 611

  • Built for the N&W at a cost of $251,544
  • Entered service on May 29, 1950
  • Derailed on a curve near Devon, WV. It was repaired and returned to service. One of the reasons it was still serviceable in mid-1959 was its good condition following these repairs.
  • It was reputed to have been located at one end of a line of four J's stored serviceable in Bluefield, which may have contributed to its being chosen for the last fan trips in 1959.
  • Was the last J to operate and made its final run on an N&W fantrip October 24, 1959
  • Returned to excursion service in 1982 and was retired again in 1994
  • The only Class J still in existence