Electric Towing Locomotive GE Panama Canal Mule

Panama Canal Mule Towing Locomotive








GE Towing Locomotive DESCRIPTION

  • Nickname: Panama Canal Mule
  • Manufacturer: General Electric
  • Production era: 1914-1915
  • 40 were produced
  • Power: Electric motor
  • Dual electrical and mechanical controls permitting operation from either end.
  • Speed: Maximum 5 mph, could operate at 1 mph when towing larger ships
  • Mules were operated on rails parallel to the canal, with one or more on each side to control and center the movement of the ocean-going vessels.

# 686

  • Manufactured in 1914
  • Was a "Pacific Locks Mule" which operated at the west end of the canal. Atlantic mules, by comparison, differed slightly in appearance.
  • Retired in 1964.
  • The governor of the Panama Canal donated it to a proposed "American Museum of Electricity" in Schenectady.
  • Brought to the Museum in 1974, where it was restored and painted by Roanoke Chapter NRHS members.
  • Donated to the Museum by the General Electric Co. in concert with the Roanoke Chapter of the NRHS.