In the past few weeks there has been many work sessions and a frenzy of activity surrounding the Norfolk & Western 611 Class J and the consist. The tender and water car have been de-winterized and cleaned inside and out. The FRA has stopped by to check things out. The coal gondolas have been worked on with replacing of hoses, a knuckle and even a wheel set. A Big Thank You! goes out to Jim Feltner for transporting the replacement wheel sets from Roanoke to Spencer. And then bringing back the wheel sets including the tender wheel set that was replaced in February.

Recently, music was heard coming from the 611 locomotive as the stay bolts were being tested. As April 30th fast approaches, we are preparing the N&W 611 to be able to run under steam at the North Carolina Transportation Museum. More opportunities for the in cab experiences such as at the throttle, fireman and riding in the jumpseat have been added especially on April 30th in the late afternoon, early evening. Three different Photo sessions are also available. Please check out the Norfolk & Western Class J No. 611 Experiences web site for tickets and more information.

Thank you to the North Carolina Transportation Museum for hosting the Norfolk & Western 611 Class J and the consist. Thank you to all of the hard working volunteers who make up the work crew to get the N&W 611 J ready to be under steam and move!

Speaking of moving! The N&W 611 J will be moving soon out of the State of North Carolina. The Feature Picture is where the 611 will being traveling. More details will be forth coming. Stay tune!


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