All things 611

All Things 611 is the Virginia Museum of Transportation’s (VMT) Point of Information on all things about our beloved asset the N&W Class J 611.

We are very grateful of our partnership with the North Carolina Transportation Museum (NCTM) in Spencer, North Carolina who is currently hosting the N&W Class J 611. While being permitted to use the Roundhouse at NCTM, we have a work weekend planned for the first weekend in February to do maintenance on the 611. 

Specifically, the locomotive and tender work plan includes:

  • Separate the locomotive and tender
  • Prep tender for jacking
  • Disassemble buffer and clean parts
  • Clean stoker screw and elevator tube in cab
  • Set locomotive back on roundhouse exhibit track
  • Move tender to shop track for jacking
  • Setup jacks
  • Jack tender
  • Roll truck out (rear)
  • Install new wheel set
  • Inspect & lubricate truck and center casting
  • Lower tender onto truck
  • Other items that may arise during this work plan

The estimated cost to VMT for the work done this weekend could be $55,000. The Virginia Museum of Transportation welcomes donations to offset these maintenance costs.

Thank you for your time and keep looking back here for continued updates on the 611!


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